Abandoned Litter Of Newborn Puppies Gets Taken In By Nursing Cat

Every newborn, whether it’s a newborn baby or newborn animal, needs a lot of care and attention to thrive. Without someone to provide for basic needs like food, warmth, and shelter, a newborn simply can’t make it in life.

That’s why the following story about a litter of puppies who were abandoned by their mama looked like it would end in tragedy but turned into an amazing story of survival against all odds.  You’ll be blown away when you learn about the unlikely creature who came to the pups’ rescue!

The dramatic story started with a dog named Smoochie who, for whatever reason, failed to bond with her newborn pups. Though immediately caring for puppies is usually part of a mother dog’s natural instincts, Smoochie somehow lacked this desire to care for her newborn litter.

Instead, she ignored them altogether. Even though they were yelping and whining due to hunger, she turned her back on them and refused to provide for their desperate need. The situation was looking pretty grim.