We all know Prince Harry has a heart of gold – just like his mother – but never was that more clear than when he and Meghan visited some school children in Dubbo, Australia, the other day.

The couple made their way down the field, saying hello to the children who were excitedly waiting to see them, when all of a sudden a little boy broke through the line and walked right up to Harry.

Five-year-old Luke Vincent has Down Syndrome and his favorite person in the world is Santa Claus. When he saw Harry’s beard, he was determined to touch it.

With no hesitation, Prince Harry knelt down to be at eye level with Luke. Luke gave Harry a big hug and then began to stroke his beard. As he did so, the kind-hearted Prince laughed and didn’t try to move away.

Harry then introduced Luke to Meghan. The adorable tyke had brought flowers for the Duchess which he handed to her before also giving her a big hug.

It was clear from the looks on Harry and Meghan’s faces that little Luke had captured their hearts!

“Luke’s favorite person is Santa Claus…and now it’s Prince Harry,” Ms. Van Dartel, Luke’s school principal, said.

The royal couple has been praised for the sweet way they handled this unexpected situation. Their warm smiles and hugs – and Luke’s sweet displays of affection – have melted hearts all over the world!

In case anyone still had any doubts, it’s clear from this interaction that Harry and Meghan are great with kids and are going to be amazing parents! We can’t wait to see them with their little one!

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Content Credit: Newz Magazine


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