Grocery Store Employee Asks Man To Wear Mask, He Responds By Attacking Her With Shopping Cart

The debate over whether or not to wear a mask in public has created a string of aggressive and/or violent encounters.

The following incident recently took place at Ralphs grocery store in California.

It began when a female employee asked a male customer to either wear a mask or leave the store. Los Angeles County, where this happened, requires people to wear masks inside.

One witness heard some commotion, ran toward another aisle and saw the male customer ramming the female employee with his shopping cart in anger.

Yes, that’s right — he was allegedly screaming at the woman for asking him to wear a mask while assaulting her with his cart.

Apparently, things got so heated and the man was acting so aggressively that another employee used pepper spray to incapacitate him!

In the clip below, cellphone footage taken moments after the incident shows the man in question splayed out on the aisle floor, surrounded by a gallon of spilled milk.