Julia Roberts Supports The Idea Of Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Traditionally the concept of society adapting to two genders, male and female, has always been dominant. Buying pink clothes for girls or saying things like “policeman” are just some examples.

But recently that of “gender-neutrality” has been brought more to the forefront. It’s the idea that society or social institutions don’t differentiate according to people’s genders. 

One place that isn’t always considered is the restroom. A gender-neutral restroom in a public place would not be separated by gender or sex and welcome all to one private space.

Some people will support it, some will wave it away, and some will remain unbothered. Nonetheless, if you support the rights of individuals regardless of their sexuality, this topic will raise your eyebrows.

Hollywood star Julia Roberts couldn’t wave this off. In a recent Instagram post and story, she advocated for gender-neutral restrooms to exist by saying,

I wish they all said this. ???

While posing in front of a gender-neutral restroom sign, featuring an icon of a person in a dress, a person wearing trousers, a person wearing both, and a smaller one of a person in a wheelchair.

She also posted in her Instagram story and shouted out one of the organizations that she works with: GLSEN Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network. She encouraged her followers to donate to the organization by first saying,

‘Hi everybody. I want to talk to you about an organization that I feel really strongly about, it’s called GLSEN,” she said. “GLSEN makes schools safe for every student no matter your sexual orientation or gender identity.’

With her supportive Instagram post and story she is clearly advocating for more gender-neutral bathrooms in schools and elsewhere.

You can watch more about the topic in the video below:

Is she doing the right thing advocating for gender-neutral restrooms? What are your thoughts? Don’t forget to listen to what your friends have to say about this topic.

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