Manager’s Response To Boy With Down Syndrome Playing In Closed Checkout Shocks Father

During a visit to the Tesco supermarket with his father, 10-year-old Jay Burke, a child with Down syndrome, became enraptured by a vacant checkout aisle. His father, David, figured that he would have to lead his son out of the aisle to not cause any problems for management. It turns out that management didn’t mind it at all.


When the store manager came over, David was ready to say sorry on behalf of his son. The manager had absolutely no admonishment. In fact, he authorized opening the lane just so David could have his groceries checked out by his son.


Jay got to be a cashier for a day and the store manager showed how random acts of kindness can help make the world so much sweeter. People with special needs shouldn’t be seen as different in a negative way.


They have as much love and strength as anyone else. This is a small moment that will surely mean a lot to both Jay and his father. Check out the video right here:

What do you think of this moment? Did it warm your heart? Show this to any friends or family members who are always looking for evidence of the kindness that exists in the world.

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