Parents And Educators Want To Bring Back Home Economics Class To Teach Kids Basic Life Skills

School curriculums have slowly evolved generation by generation to exclude life-skill education in place of more and more advanced academic studies. It’s left a tremendous gap in how Gen Z and Y handle life in contrast to their more life-savvy Gen X and Baby Boomer counterparts. Now, many areas of the nation are seeing “adulting classes” pop up, which makes us wonder if education is really so advanced when graduates can’t sew a simple button on their pants.

How Practical Is Today’s Education? millennials can tell you all about Pythagora’s Theorum and compose a Hamlet essay, but can’t tell you how to unclog a toilet. A record number from this generation hold high school diplomas, college degrees, and pass AP tests. Yet, when it comes to life skills, the majority of millennials admit they’re not so skilled.

A college professor of mathematics recently had to diversify the scope of her course to include basic fundamentals because her students were clueless that buying a property resulted in paying taxes on it. It’s a recurring theme for educators of all levels.