Poor boy selling food to earn a living is ambushed by bullies who slap and shove him to the ground while recording it

Trigger warning: This story contains graphic descriptions and video content of bullying as well as violence against a minor, which some may find disturbing

A 12-year-old boy named Rizal is the second of three siblings, who sells food to make whatever money he can to help take care of his family. The young boy from a small village in Tala District, Indonesia, cycles around with food on his bike.

However, things haven’t been easy for Rizal as he is often confronted with bullies. Despite the harassment he would regularly face, he would still continue to sell fried snacks to help his family. Through a recent video that was uploaded on May 17, the entire world saw Rizal surrounded by a pack of bullies who were waiting for him to arrive so that they could ambush him.

According to World of Buzz, the bullies were waiting behind a hedge and when they saw Rizal approaching with a load of items on his bike, one of them gets in his way until Rizal loses balance and falls of his bike.

Posted by Hanya untuk bersenang-senang on Sunday, 17 May 2020

The 12-year-old was startled to see them come out of nowhere, but before he could do anything, Rizal was quickly surrounded. The gang of bullies laughed and jeered at him as he struggled to get back on his feet. While one bully was seen mocking and teasing him, the others stood around sniggering and filming the entire incident.

Posted by Hanya untuk bersenang-senang on Sunday, 17 May 2020

Having had enough, Rizal the motorbike plate of one of the perpetrators, after which the bully slapped him and beat him until he fell to the ground. One of the eight bullies who were later secured by the police was identified to be a 26-year-old man named Firdaus, as reported by World of Buzz.

“The victim suffered abrasions on his hand because he was pushed by the perpetrator,” said Ipda Sofyan, Ma’rang Police Chief, according to Detik News.

After the video of the boy helplessly being assaulted went viral, a number of residents crowded at the Sector Police Station to join Rizal and the family, following which the bullies were taken to the Pangkep Regional Police Station. “We have already submitted this case to the Pangkep Regional Police for further proceedings, because there were a crowd of residents and victims’ families in front of the Ma’rang Police Headquarters,” said Ma’rang police chief Iptu Sofyanto, according to TribunNewsmaker.

“Because the video was viral, that’s why many residents and victims’ families also came to Mako. So we ask that the perpetrators be taken to the Pangkep Regional Police Station for further processing,” added Ipda Sofyan, as quoted by a Google translated version of the Detik News report.

In the past, Rizal has been bullied on different occasions but he never stopped just so that he could help his family out. Seeing the helpless boy harassed by the men, a member of the Indonesian Parliament, Dedi Mulyadi contacted the family. “Although often bullied, Rizal never complained. He remained strong to help his mother sell jalangkote, I am very sympathetic to what he is doing,” said Mulyadi, according to TribunNewsmaker.

The viral video of Rizal irked a lot of people as nobody deserved to be treated that way. The young street vendor received a new bicycle along with food packages from the IAM Pangkep social community. TribunNewsmaker also reported that Rizky Irmansyah, the Indonesian Secretary of Defense Minister was immensely concerned about what happened to the boy and offered to provide financial and educational assistance.