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Woman celebrates 105th birthday, credits bacon and toast to her longevity – Happy Birthday

For decades one Houston woman has been helping her community to look good and feel good at her salon.

But this week Wilda Wilson got the surprise of her life to celebrate her 105th birthday – her very own spa day.

The Kansas-born grandmother, grew up on a farm before owning her own salon where she worked as a hairdresser in Colorado for decades.

“Ms. Wilda is an inspiration to all of us,” said Abraham Mathew, executive director of her senior living facility in Houston, Texas, as per 11 Alive News.

Wilda credits her long life to the hearty breakfast of five extra crispy pieces of bacon and two pieces of toast smothered in jam she enjoys every day.

“My grandma is a doer … she always has been,” said Isla Waters, as per Buckner.org.

“She just gets things done well. Grandma, also known as Brownie to her dear friends, is humble, kind, no-nonsense, and genuinely happy for others. I adore her and cherish every moment I’ve had with her.”

According to 11Alive News, when Wilda was born in 1916 a brand new Model-T car cost $306 and it was only 22 cents a gallon to fill up. Also, the hamburger bun was invented that year.

On her special day Wilda got to sit back and relax while she enjoyed a scalp massage, styling and manicure.

“I’m glad we could bring a smile to her face today,” Mathew added.

Surrounded by balloons, flowers and a cake, everyone was masked as they wished this special lady a Happy Birthday.

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